Friday, August 12, 2005

Can A Blogger Be A Journalist, And Vice-Versa?

Thanks to Dave Congalton for the airtime, interview and conversation with callers, Monday 8/8/05 on KVEC AM 920.

The basic question is: what kind of label or "protected" legal status should be applied to all bloggers? Journalist? Non-journalist?
Newsstand Greg provides an answer as related to this blogsite. (8/12/05, 3:20 pm)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

New Bloggers, New Postings!

The News Mission is growing again: five more blog pages have been added! Our list of contributors number 20! And we're not even two months old.

Site stats show, at the present rate of visitor growth, we're on track to double, perhaps triple, the number of viewers this month over July. All of our bloggers appreciate your attention to their writing.
Welcome to our newest crop of contributors, date and time posted:

Mr. Rogers is very much alive and helping others, but his full name is Gary Ray Rogers and his specialty is accessibility issues on the Central Coast.
(8/11/05, 9:34 am)

David Ciaffardini is the "Book Man" of Oceano and lives on the mighty inspiring, tallest hill in town where eucalyptus trees cast a spell his way.
(8/9/05, 10:26 am)

Bob Banner, aka Mr. Hopedance, who informs us of events and issues that show us another world is possible because it has already begun.
(8/11/05, 3:33 pm)

Reenee from Santa Maria provides her opinions about the County Split and more, in our new north Santa Barbara county page of guest contributors.
(8/12/05, 11:14 am)
Thanks to all who blog here and (elsewhere) because "the truth is out there" and we're looking for it.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Can Being Paid More Money Hurt You?

The fevered days pass, and new visitor records to this blog are established each week! One new blogger joining today and two more tomorrow! Here's the best of the newest:
Welcome to Bill Benica, the only FM talk show host in SLO county, and new rodeo veteran!

Don Regan, Republican, tells us how earning more money hurts employees.

Ron Fink chimes in on support of Measure E in Lompoc, a "good" new tax.
The backyard fence of advice and observations is getting more comfortable all the time. Thanks for stopping in again, and email all your friends about us. We appreciate all the attention, believe me.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

It Is A Blog, Blog, Blogworthy World!

Our backyard fence is getting larger, check out The Sun, on the north Santa Barbara county newsstands today. New visitors to our blogsite find there's usually something new every day here. Some of the latest posts from our coastal writing crew feature:
Our newest writer, Margo Viers, who tells us what happened when she met Crazy Jimmy in Santa Maria. Welcome aboard, Margo!

Measure E means better healthcare for Lompoc, but Newsstand Greg has just one question.

Ron Fink, with a thought about the clash between opinion and exaggeration.

Our only ex-policeman, Tom Hutchings, is also an ex-pat. He tells us what it is and why it is.

Take a good look around and fire off a comment if you are inclined on any post you read. Or email us at the main Blogatorium, so to speak.

I'd love to start a "letters to the writer" type of page. My idea of encouraging democracy to take root. And please tell a friend to visit here soon. Thank you kindly.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Fresh Blog Posts

Hot topics and the freshest postings of the last few days:
Indochina Update from Tom Hutchings with the most beautiful picture of the Saigon River;

"Bill" Clarke has words of wisdom and comments about "peaceniks,"

Finally a public vote about something for Los Osos that's not about the sewer project!

Seems like downtown Lompoc is waking up! Ron Fink's post will get you smiling.

The women and men of the Lompoc Peace and Justice Coalition introduce you to critical thinking.
Suddenly lovely Lompoc is the hotbed of bloggers! We also understand there's more publicity coming this week to our community effort of online conversations. We'll accept all the local promotion we can get.

After all, this is for all of us Central Coasters who have an interest in our local politics and a desire to leave a comment, or email the editor. Go ahead, try it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Big Backyard Fence!

Howdy neighbor, thanks for reading the current New Times cover story and stopping by. We've got a new page with the latest in the Los Osos Sewer story. It's called "Los Osos Views" and features the contributions of Ron Crawford, former editor of the Bay Breeze, and reporter for The Bay News from 1990 to 1992.

Crawford's arrival makes a total of twelve locals writing for us, more than double since last week! This blog could be the largest virtual backyard fence where neighbors gather when they have time to share concerns. Chew the fat. Learn the facts. Plan some action. Get stuff done!

There's room for all the topics across this fence because it's a big, friendly, beautiful backyard. Post a comment or send an email, would you? And, please, tell a friend about our Central Coast blog! Thank you.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Media News, Governor's Blues, Ex-Pat Green and Lompoc Views

A media column by Dave Congalton, comments of a man going after Lois Capps' 23rd Congressional District seat and what it's like for a Vietnam vet to return to that war-torn country and teach English, plus two very different views from lovely Lompoc...all new blogging in this current edition! Welcome.

For some time, Dave Congalton has wanted to write a behind-the-scenes local media review of what's hot and who's not. Now Dave's "Medialogue" is on the web and right on target, including the latest ratings just released and which ailing North County air personality you might send a get well card.

Audiologist and Republican candidate, Dr. Don Regan, is trying to unseat Lois Capps. A state court ruling this week means Gov. Schwarzeneggar's redistricting initiative won't appear on the upcoming ballot. Could this be a total threat to democracy? Dr. Don presents his reasoned reaction.

Ever wonder where is Tom Hutchings, former SLO resident and Green Party candidate for the 33rd Assembly District? The decorated Vietnam veteran is providing English lessons for the people and learning lessons from the people U.S. forces once bombed and he's sending these dispatches home.

An outspoken Lompoc aerospace engineer and civic minded person, Ron Fink is a man with an unforgettable name. Ron presents us with a question: how bad can an oil spill be for the environment, if Mother Nature herself lets thousands of barrels a day seep into our coastal seawaters?

Psychologist William J. "Bill" Clarke of Lompoc takes on another local Lompoc columnist about terrorism. Should America "show no mercy" or does America need to demonstrate "Peace Power," since we've already shown "war power" for so many years? What's this have to do with Lompoc air quality?

The rest of the usual suspects are here: CrankyAnne is still cranky and "Newsstand Greg" gives you the particulars of who we look for to blog with us and use our commonsense style guide. This is your space, you make it happen! You are invited to click in and comment anytime. Or you can email us: centralcoastnewsmission at